Port of Halifax Annual Report 2021

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Annual Report 2021


Halifax Port Authority Annual Report 2021

We Are One Port City

The story of the city of Halifax is profoundly connected to the geographic harbour around which so much of our culture and commerce have always revolved. Our history has been tied to the harbour since before there was a city here, when Indigenous trade routes revolved around Kjipuktuk (Great Harbour), shaping the growth of the city… Read more




A corporate directive that has strategic value to an organization needs to give inspiration and guidance to all members of that organization, helping them support their customers and their culture in ways that are relevant and comprehensive… Read more

Port of Halifax


Business Development and Economic Impact

In another year that saw the world continue to be significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Halifax Port Authority was also impacted, though not necessarily in the ways we were expecting. We did not welcome a single cruise vessel in 2021, but the same period proved to be a strong year for cargo business through the Port of Halifax… Read more

Port of Halifax



The Port of Halifax is one of the largest, naturally deep, ice-free harbours in the world. As a Canadian Port Authority, our role is to manage the assets of the crown through revenue generation and re-investment in infrastructure… Read more

Port of Halifax


Infrastructure, Planning, and Real Estate

In June of 2019, the federal government committed $47.5 million to the Halifax Port Authority and the Halifax Regional Municipality for two key infrastructure projects under the National Trade Corridors Fund. The HPA, HRM and other partners will match the federal government’s contribution… Read more

Port of Halifax


People, Partners, and Innovation

The Port of Halifax is a busy, working port in a dynamic city that is home to a diverse community of people and businesses that rely on one another every day. The pandemic helped us all realize exactly how connected we are as our businesses, our educational pursuits, our social and… Read more

Port of Halifax